We Are Called to do Justice

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September 15, 2019 We Are Called to do Justice

Growing up I was a huge Superman fan. The Superman in comic books. The black and white TV Superman of the 1950’s with George Reeves.

Remember that Superman? (Bonus points if you remember the two-part episode “Superman and the Mole-Men”).

Do you remember what he stood for? “Truth, justice, and the American Way!”

That’s right, not only was he a “superman” because he was “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!” 

He was a superman because he stood for something greater than physical strength. He stood for the very ideas that help give our lives meaning.

Those first two ideas, truth and justice, are primary themes in the Bible. This week we’ll focus our Sunday message on the idea of justice. What does justice in God’s Word look like? How might it differ from our culture’s understanding? What would it look like if our church intentionally answered God’s call to “do justice” while loving mercy and walking humbly with our God (Micah 6:8)?

I hope to see you this Sunday morning! Blessings on your homes throughout the week.

In Christ, Pastor Bob

Micah 6:6-8