We Are Called To Care

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September 8, 2019 We Are Called to Care

Lydia and I have a dog named Sadie, a rat terrier.  Sadie cares about a lot of things.  She cares when it thunders.  She cares when I’m eating something that smells good.  She cares when Lydia and I have been gone on vacation and come back home. (Her shaking, wagging tail gives it away).

I love Sadie because she cares. She cares when I have a bee sting. Somehow she knows the sting is there and applies a few good healing licks. She cares when I sit down with her on the porch and scratch her behind the ear. She never makes an excuse about having to “get going.”

She cares enough that every evening there comes a time when she jumps up on the sofa, puts her paws on my shoulders and looks me straight in the eye with the clear message “I want to play with you because you’re my best friend.” We wrestle a bit and I take her for a walk.

I know that no dog has ever taught a class or preached a sermon on caring. But every day Sadie reminds me that she cares for me with all her heart.

May we all remember that God has called us to be his caring, healing presence in this often broken world. He gave us dogs to teach us how.

In Christ, Pastor Bob

Luke 10:30-35