We Are Called to Be a People of God’s Word

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September 22, 2019 We Are Called to be a people of God’s Word

I’ll confess that my Bible reading habits have changed since I was a teen-ager. Back then I was a “Bible moth,”* hovering over the thin leather “Preacher’s Bible” my parents had given me. I would carefully turn the tissue-like pages, underlining and highlighting and writing notes while monitoring a printing press in my dad’s print-shop.

Times have changed since the early 70’s when I read the Bible for the first time. The variety of ways we can access God’s written Word is astonishing. On our phones, tablets, laptops, televisions…. the Bible is everywhere. What hasn’t changed is the mission of the Bible – to tell the never-changing story of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ. I will always be thankful for those simpler days as a teen-ager when God first sewed the seeds of His sacred text in my heart, seeds of faith that grew and became the roots that still anchor me to my Lord and Creator a half century later.

This Sunday in the 11:00 service we’ll explore our call to be a people of God’s Word; trusting in the sacred Word that endures forever. I hope to see you in worship!

Blessings on your homes and families until then….

In Christ, Pastor Bob

Psalm 119