The Risks and Rewards of Following Jesus

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October 21, 2018 The Risks and Rewards of Following Jesus

Following Jesus is risky business…. maybe that’s why churches sometimes tamper down certain parts of the Gospel when trying to increase their membership rolls. We advertise that our preacher is eloquent and charismatic. Our congregation welcomes visitors warmly. Our choir sings with glorious passion. Join us and your Sunday mornings will be well-spent and your spirits lifted.

It can make following Jesus sound like a Saturday on the golf links at the local country club.

What we often don’t advertise are the numerous warnings in the Bible about the inherent risks of being a Jesus-follower. Jesus often discussed these risks with his disciples, a “buyer beware” approach based on his reading of their hearts. Jesus knew that many would enthusiastically begin their journey of discipleship with him, only to grow fearful and disillusioned along the way.

Following Jesus has its rewards…. For no matter how many and great the risks, Jesus offers us peace in the midst of conflict, joy in the light of his presence, and an eternity in heaven where our tears will be dried in the very presence of God. This and so much more.

Come this Sunday morning as we open God’s Word and discover the risks and rewards of following Jesus.

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob

Matthew 10:32-42