The Gift of the Family of God

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November 3, 2019 The Gift of the Family of God

This Sunday is one of the most beautiful worship services in our church year – our observance of All Saints Sunday. At each service we’ll have a time of remembrance of loved ones who have inherited their eternal reward by prayers and the lighting of candles.

Please read the passage from Romans 12 above. It is a compilation of instructions for the followers of Jesus, inspired by the Lord’s own teachings. The Christian community is called by Paul to reflect the very Spirit of our Lord in our daily living. As we open this passage this Sunday during our sermon, we’ll consider how modern-day Christians, often isolated from each other for the better part of the week, can live out the command to be “devoted to each other in love” and to be sanctified in that love.

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob

Romans 12:9-21