Salt & Light

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March 1, 2020

Driving home from our Ash Wednesday service this evening, I was struck by the abundance of light in our modern world. For almost all of human history, the darkness of night was overwhelming and unconquerable. Fires generated by wood and oils could bring some comfort, but most people lived half their lives in virtual darkness.

Salt is another item we take for granted in today’s world that was once an invaluable item for food preservation and seasoning… so valuable that Roman soldiers were paid a “salary” (from the Latin word for salt) which allowed them to buy salt, an expensive but essential commodity.

Given the distinctive value of salt and light in ancient times, is it any wonder that Jesus would use both to illustrate the central characteristics of his followers? Like salt, their lives should bring distinctive, sustaining value to the lives of others. Like light, their lives should bring illumination to the lives of others so that they may see God’s path for their lives.

How can you and I bring value to the lives of others? How can we be salt and light in a world that needs Jesus more than ever? Our Lenten sermon series continues this Sunday with a look at Matthew 5 and Jesus’ call for us to be “Salt and Light.”

Pastor Bob

Matthew 5:13-16