Holy Boldness – Jonathan and the Armor Bearer

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Jan 27, 2019 Holy Boldness – Jonathan and the Armor Bearer

Sermon Series: Choices – Biblical examples of faithful decision making

We’ve looked at two well-known heroes of the Old Testament recently – Joseph and Moses. This week we will explore an incident in the life of a lesser known hero – Jonathan. The life choices each of these three men made were consistently based on their faith in God.

While faith is their common denominator, each man also brought a special trait into their relationship with God. Joseph brought a steadfast commitment to honoring God in all he does. Moses exhibited a personal relationship with God that allows him to lead when others want to turn back. And this week, Jonathan exhibits a holy boldness and courage that gives him the strength to go where God leads, even when his fears tell him to retreat.

How can you and I possess not just boldness, but holy boldness to stand up and go forward in faith when God calls us to action?

Our Sunday morning sermons in January and February are focusing on CHOICES. Like Joseph,, Moses, Jonathan and other people of faith in the Bible, our United Methodist denomination has some critical choices to make in the near future. Over 800 delegates from around the world will meet in St. Louis at a General Conference of the UMC in St. Louis from February 23-26 to attempt to make decisions around the issues of human sexuality and biblical authority that divide our church.

As we pray for this conference and God’s will to be done, it seems wise to turn to the Bible and study the men and women who, in their own time, made the critical choice to follow God.

Please pray and ask for God to guide us all in the coming days.

Peace in Christ, Pastor Bob

1 Samuel 14:6-15