Forgiveness the Jesus Way

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September 23, 2018 Forgiveness the Jesus Way – Rodney Bussard

The Spirit Within Us

Have you ever thought about the type of spirit that lives within you? Is it a spirit that builds up or tears down? Is it a spirit that is holy in love for others or a spirit of jealousy and spitefulness?

It is so easy to cultivate a judgmental spirit. We assume the worst about others (but not necessarily about ourselves) and we make sure the people around us hear our complaints!

Jesus had an encouraging spirit—just read the Gospel of John and his words of life and hope even as he faces the crucible of judgment and death.

He was frequently targeted by “the destructive spirit of this world” that unfairly judges and condemns the innocent and righteous. Frequently we find in the Gospel accounts that:

If Jesus associated with sinners,

he was condemned as unclean, a glutton, and a drunkard.

If Jesus forgave sins,

he was condemned as a usurper of God’s authority to forgive sins.

If Jesus mercifully healed on the Sabbath,

he was condemned as a lawbreaker.

     In I Thessalonians 5:11 we are told to “encourage one another and build each other up.” The next time you are tempted to speak ill of another, consider whether it is the encouraging Spirit of Jesus or the destructive spirit of this world that is controlling your words.

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob

Matthew 18:21-25