Families in Crisis

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August 20, 2017 Families in Crisis

     I know of no writings in the world that deal as honestly with the topic of family strife, division, and crisis as those in the Bible. The first family unit in the opening chapters of Genesis exhibits poor judgment and fratricide. As Genesis proceeds we see story after story of brother against brother, of parents struggling to control their children, of families torn apart.

     If we leap all the way from Genesis to Jesus, we find Jesus’ mother and siblings wondering if we have a demon and Jesus proclaiming that his true family are those who hear and do his will. Still, as Jesus hung on the cross he made sure his mother would be cared for by his disciple John. 

     Are these simply stories for stories’ sake or are there powerful lessons applicable to all families in all ages? Does your home sometimes feel more like a battlefield than a place of peace and contentment? Come this Sunday as we explore God’s Word to find both the causes and the solutions for families in crisis.

                              In Christ’s Grace and Peace, Pastor Bob

Genesis 45:1-15