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August 4, 2019 Bittersweet

We all know that life is a mixture of the bitter and the sweet. The story of God and humanity in the Scriptures acknowledges this reality. The sweetness of the creation story is followed by the bitter experience of sin entering the world. The sweetness of Israel escaping the bonds of slavery in Egypt is followed by the bitterness of their rebellion against God. The sweetness of the birth of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel is tempered by the prophecy of Simeon to Mary that her baby boy would

The sweet and bitter experiences of life are present throughout the ministry of Jesus. But there is no event that more powerfully represents their blending than Jesus’ last supper with his disciples where fear and betrayal clash with the hope of redemption.

This Sunday we will look at Mark 14: 16-26 and contemplate how our God uses the sweetness and bitterness of life to bring forth our own redemption and salvation.

Come join us this Sunday as we gather around the table of our Lord and feel the power of God’s redeeming love.

In Christ, Pastor Bob

Mark 14:16-26