The Upside Down Kingdom

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November 12, 2017 The Upside Down Kingdom

     The Kingdom of Heaven must be an “upside down Kingdom.”

      Every person I’ve ever met who lived out the beatitudes of Matthew 5 lived against the tide of human culture. They saw the world through Kingdom eyes and knew that obedience to God was the highest calling. That obedience would humble their hearts; cause them to be merciful when the world called for revenge; give them the courage to withstand human condemnation in exchange for God’s approval.

      During this Sunday’s sermon (part 2 in a 2-part sermon series) we’ll listen again to Jesus as he proclaims in Matthew 5:1-12 that there is a heaven-sent joy in living out the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Last Sunday we were reminded that the Kingdom of God lives within every disciple of Jesus; and that in Jesus we experience a “here and now” joy that is unparalleled by any joy the world can provide.

      I hope you will come and be blessed by God’s Word and the fellowship of fellow believers.

In Christ’s Grace and Peace, Pastor Bob

Matthew 5:1-12