We are Called to the Lord’s Table

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October 6, 2019 We Are Called to The Lord’s Supper

Growing up the church my family belonged to would share the Lord’s Supper every Sunday morning. When we were on a weekend family vacation, we would always rush back to attend the Sunday evening worship service where those who were absent in the morning could share the bread and cup together.

Sharing in the Lord’s Supper isn’t simply an obligation, the fulfillment of a commandment. It is obvious from Scripture that it is central to our life together as the Church, the Body of Christ. Gathering around the table is the moment when we “declare the Lord’s death until he comes” (I Cor. 11:26). It is a declaration of and witness to our faith in Jesus and the saving power of the cross. It is where our weary souls can receive spiritual manna to carry us through the days ahead.

This week’s sermon scripture from I Corinthians 11 reminds us that Jesus instituted this holy meal not during the heady days of adoring crowds crying “Hosanna!” but “on the night in which he was betrayed.” As the shadow of the cross fell upon him, he reminded us through the bread and the cup that it was not for the praise of men that he came into the world – it was for the cross of Calvary, there to die for you and me in order to break the curse of sin.

I look forward to gathering with you at the table of our Lord this Sunday!

In Christ, Pastor Bob

1 Corinthians 11:23-32