Serve Like Jesus

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October 7, 2018 Serve Like Jesus

What does serving like Jesus look like?

My granddaughter Annie has a servant’s heart. She’s four years old and always wants to make sure that everyone around her is okay. I’ve never noticed her washing her little brother’s feet, but I think she wouldn’t hesitant if asked.

In John’s gospel account of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet, Jesus doesn’t hesitate to serve Peter by washing his feet. While the disciples are still stunned and confused, Jesus instructs them that this is not just an isolated incident, a gimmick, or an attention-getting action. Serving each other is a practice that they are to adopt as a rule in their new faith community.

The world is filled with people for whom a servant’s heart comes naturally. I’m not sure why some people seem to have a servant’s heart from the moment they are born, nor why some are so disinterested in caring for the needs of the people around them.

But I do know this. Everything I read in the Gospel accounts (including this Sunday’s passage from John 13:1-17), reminds me that I must have a servant’s heart if I’m going to be a disciple of Jesus .

Perhaps you are one of those for whom serving doesn’t come naturally. You’ve never had that impulse and pull to put others first. You’ve found it hard to sacrifice time and energy to serve victims of natural disasters. You don’t really like the inconvenience of holding a door open for someone as they enter a store; or mowing the grass for the elderly couple next door; or helping your spouse out by taking over their chores for awhile.

But Jesus can help you. His Spirit, the Spirit he promises to all who trust in him, is a Spirit of service. Through His Spirit he will teach you and lead you into the joy of serving others, a joy that comes not out of recognition or rewards, but because you feel Christ’s presence every time you serve.

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob

John 13:1-17