Prayer and Fasting

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March 8, 2020

Our Lenten sermon series continues this Sunday with a look at Matthew 6:5-18 as Jesus calls us to prayer and fasting with hearts focused on our Heavenly Father. The hypocrisy of those who practiced public religion for the praise of others was a central concern for Jesus and remains a strong cautionary note for Christians today.

Besides the dangers of hypocrisy, what other concerns should we have in our modern age? I would point to a general trend in modern life that discourages the sacrifice of time and worldly pleasures for spiritual growth. While the Bible and God’s Spirit call us to spend time in prayer and contemplation, the world often tries to drown out that call with the endless demands of self-indulgence and -gratification.

The Way of Jesus is the way to true freedom. Freedom from the things that enslave us. Freedom to see and experience life the way God intended. By spending time in prayer and freeing ourselves from our addiction to this world’s counterfeit pleasures, we can begin to find the joy and peace that come only through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bob

Matthew 6:5-18