No Fear of Poverty

PDF of sermon slides: “No Fear of Poverty”

Financial security is our culture’s most worshiped idol. The threat of financial impoverishment hangs over the elderly and “almost-elderly.” Forecasts of drastic cuts in government programs; the collapse of investment funds; and an uncertain future for our nation’s economy multiply the stress.
       This Sunday’s message looks at the ways in which our worries and fears about financial security subvert our faith. The Scriptures have very specific principles for the handling of wealth, as well as reassurances that even in the toughest of financial times we can know a peace and assurance of God’s true blessings that are beyond the world’s understanding.
       Pastor Bob recounts the fearless faithfulness of Joseph in Genesis, as he relies on God in all circumstances, and shares a number of New Testament Scriptures to remind us that while none of us is guaranteed material prosperity, we are all guaranteed God’s providential love.