No Fear of Failure

PDF File of Sermon Slides:  Fear of Failure

This Sunday we began a four-week examination of four universal fears that dominate the lives of human beings: the fears of failure, of judgment, of poverty, and of death. Over a hundred times in the Bible we are told to “fear not.” Unreasonable fear can dominate our hearts and minds to the point that we are unable to act with faith in God’s providential care. Our January sermon series will explain how these fears battle with God’s Spirit for dominion over our hearts and – when allowed to grow unchecked – can lead to a paralyzing impotency that robs us of the joy and power of our life in Christ.
       If you or someone you know struggle with one or all of these fears, I hope you’ll join us over the next four Sundays. By God’s grace you may hear a word of encouragement that will make an eternal difference in your life.