Holy Spirit… Here & Now!

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April 15, 2018 Holy Spirit…. Here & Now!

This Sunday we’ll move deeper into the book of Acts and I hope you’ll take time to read the second chapter of Acts in preparation. I was encouraged after receiving an email on Monday from one of our members sharing that she was reading through the entire book of Acts this week! Join her and get acquainted with the faith and inspiring sacrifices that built the early church from a handful of followers into a massive army of missionaries for Christ!


When was the last time you remember being touched by the Holy Spirit? Not by a mere emotion. Not by a wayward thought. But by the very Holy Spirit of the living God? An unmistakable movement of God in your soul that brings conviction or comfort or a gift of the Spirit that begins to take root in your life? When was the last time?

Many Christians have never moved beyond the porch of their initial faith and into the house of growth in Christ. There is so much more promised by God and knowing those promises and their source can be the beginning of a walk with Jesus Christ that goes far beyond your hopes and dreams.

Some questions I’ll address in this Sunday’s message include:  If the Holy Spirit is a Comforter, why are so many people “dis-comforted” by the worship of churches that emphasize the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” and its manifestations such as speaking in tongues? If the Holy Spirit is a Teacher and Guide, why does the worship of some “Spirit-filled” Christians seem so frenetic and out of control? Is it possible to “live in the Spirit of God” and still retain the essential personality God endowed you with at birth?

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday morning as we continue our journey through God’s Word in Acts.

                                                Grace and Peace,

                                                          Pastor Bob

Acts 2:1-13