Don’t Get Too Comfortable

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February 11, 2018 Don’t Get Too Comfortable

         I’ve got to confess – I’ve got a love-hate relationship with comfort. Like most of us, it’s a goal in life. To get to that place where you can retire, settle in with the TV remote and finally get to do what you’ve dreamed of all your life – nothing!

     The fact is, Jesus is often a dis-comforting Lord. Churches want to settle in and avoid the messiness of an often nasty world – but Jesus says go into that world. Christians want to hang around like-minded people – but Jesus says go seek and serve the unlovable. Church members tend to hide behind the stained glass windows -but Jesus asks us to take up our cross and follow him come what may.

     So be prepared to be dis-comforted this Sunday by the message of Jesus.


                                                                                              In Christ’s Grace and Peace, Pastor Bob

Mark 1:29-39