Be Holy the Jesus Way

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September 9, 2018 Be Holy the Jesus Way

This Sunday’s sermon “Be Holy the Jesus Way” is the second in our new sermon series on living “The Jesus Way”:

All your life you’ve probably heard that Jesus was perfect. More than likely you assumed his perfection was akin to bowling a perfect 300, the result of some arbitrary exam administered by Satan in which he “knocked all the pins down”?

Or was his perfection far deeper than that – a quality of Spirit that cannot be measured or comprehended by the human mind or soul?

What did Jesus mean when he said that we must be perfect like our Father in Heaven? How does this perfection relate to our salvation?

If you’ve ever struggled with the guilt of sin and the call to be holy, I hope you’ll join us at VUMC this Sunday as we dig into God’s Holy Word and the call of Jesus to seek the holiness of God’s Kingdom.

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob

Matthew 5:38-48