Honey for Missions

       In the spring of 2012, our church established a single honey bee hive on our five acre lot adjoining the church building site. Through sales of honey from this single hive, over $600 was donated to our church’s Haiti mission team.
       In the spring of 2013, another hive was added.
       In 2014 we expanded to seven hives, with two located at Project Grows in Verona.
       In 2015 we expanded to eleven hives with a dozen of our church members forming a cooperative to manage the hives and harvest the honey. Over $1,200 was donated to mission projects.
       In 2016 we raised over $2,000 for missions through sales of honey from our hives!
       In 2018, we donated $2,500 to the Verona Community Center from honey sales.
The goals for this ministry are:  1)  To raise money through honey sales to support our mission teams; 2)  To raise the public consciousness about threats to the honey bee population and its detrimental effect on our world’s agriculture; 3)  To use the honey bee as a witness to the wonders of God’s creation.