The Day Care Committee has made the difficult decision to close the licensed Day Care Center effective March 10, 2023.  With the resignation of a teacher, on that date we will not have staff to meet the state required staff-child ratio.  Though diligent efforts have been made over the past several months to engage a permanent director and additional teacher to meet the center’s needs, we have not been able to fill those positions for lack of qualified applicants. 
It has been a privilege to serve our community’s children for the past 30 years and we are grateful to all staff and others who have supported the Center over the years. We will be researching options to reorganize this ministry as a religious-exempt preschool which will be more in line with our mission as a church of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We request your prayers as we explore this opportunity to serve the area’s children and mentor them to be disciples of Jesus.
                              – Judith Cariker, Chair, Day Care Committee